Nice story by Priyanka in today’s Telegram on JetBlue.

Nice story by Priyanka in today’s Telegram on JetBlue.

There was this comment from Michael Boyd, whom I always find insightful, “Can you get enough discretionary business to go to two points in Florida? Yes, you can. In terms of Dallas, Chicago or Washington, that’s just not going to happen. Worcester is not a big enough market to support it.” I agree with him. We are a leisure airport, whose passengers are mostly visiting family and relatives (VFR), not business. There is nothing wrong with that and I think we can carve out a large piece of the market and make ORH a success serving the VFR market.

If we support these two routes I can see more Florida destinations being added by JetBlue. The one that I think can be the biggest success, however, is a direct flight to San Juan. I can also envision a shuttle in our future to JFK, where you can then connect direct to anywhere else. An airport with a) direct flights to leisure destinations and b) to a hub like JetBlue’s JFK can be a huge success. We can not compete with all the major airport within one hour for the business traveler. Let the others fight for the business traveler, that is not us.

There is one thing, however, I think the the various aviation experts may be missing. From the Telegram today “Worcester Airport is the only one that was completely devoid of commercial service when JetBlue announced that it would bring planes.” The loyalty that JetBlue has created by coming into a market that is “devoid” of any commercial service can not be underestimated! People who will now fly JetBlue out of ORH to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando will join their True Blue program and use their JetBlue Amex card. When they need to go to Boston, or another airport, to fly to another destination, what airline do you think they will fly?

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