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ORH 1941

ORH 1941
Picture of the original Worcester Airport, 1941 with an old Northwest airlines DC-3 and the Quonset hut terminal. They had some great popcorn there. The future terminal built around 1950 will be off to the left of the plane. Courtesy of Pete Taylor.    

Vision Airlines

Vision Airlines
Remember when Direct Air went under, think it was Councilor Germain suggested that we should reach out to Vision.  After Direct Air, I was dead set against it!!   At the same time I complimented the City Councilor for realizing the importance of the airport, but Vision was just another Direct Air.     We had proven that there was a demand wit [...]

Mystery of ORH –answers need to...

Mystery of ORH –answers need to have proof
Truth is we are not actually sure as to why Worcester has the FAA symbol ORH.    If you want to enter the contest  you need to submit some type of proof as to why you think this is the reason. The three people gives out the prizes (Andy Davis, George Charles Allen and myself) will determine a winner.    Good luck!!!  Remember answers on Twitt [...]

First Blog Contest 9:00AM tomorrow

First Blog Contest 9:00AM tomorrow
In light of 2,000 blog hits in less then 3 weeks, the first Blog Contest will be announced tomorrow at 9AM along with two other partners.  That’s right three prizes!!!   Two that you can put a dollar value, while the other is not so easy??!! Trying to work with WTAG radio to make formal announcement.  If we announce on WTAG radio earlie [...]

Charleston Airport Southwest & J...

Charleston Airport Southwest & JetBlue
Interesting article in Aviation Pros.    Here is the part that jumped out at me: When Southwest Airlines initiated flights out of Charleston in March 2011, the airport witnessed a 15.8 percent bump in passenger traffic during the low-cost carrier’s first 12 months of operation. Another low-cost carrier, JetBlue Airways, will launch serv [...]

Southwest and Airtran “finally&...

Southwest and Airtran “finally” begin connecting flights
Good USA Today Blog      

MassPort Ownership has been good for ...

MassPort Ownership has been good for ORH
July 1, 2011, MassPort took over complete ownership of Worcester Regional Airport (ORH).   Last week on the Gary and Gary show, I was asked if we should be happy with the success to date? I say a definitive “YES”: JetBlue:  If it were not for MassPort, none of these discussions would be going on. CAT III Landing System Upgrade:  [...]