Rectrix and the ORH-Baltimore-Sarasota flight

First, let me make it very clear that Rectrix has been a great addition to Worcester Regional Airport (ORH).    Our FBO facilities are now 1st class and can only increase General Aviation at ORH.


Although the focus is on commercial service, there are three basic components to a successful airport:

  1. Commercial Service
  2. General Aviation (Rectrix main line)
  3. Freight

At the end of 2016, Rectrix announced that they were working on a Commercial flight that would fly from Worcester to Baltimore then to Sarasota.   Since then we have not hear much, so we reached out to Rectrix CEO Rich Cawley.  

He told us that thee is alot going on and    ” yes we absolutely intend on running the ORH – BWI – SRQ route.  30 seat regional jet.”   Then followed  by “we are so grateful that Massport has stepped up and invested millions of dollars in the infrastructure,  and having the new CAT 3 landing system in place this December is the beginning of what will be a fantastic airport.”

We could not agree more.   At the same time due to FAA and DOT rules there is not much else that they can say until the authority to run this route is granted.   Bottom line, we still do not know when this flight will get off the ground.

Here are our concerns.  We thought this was a “home run” when it was announced and would be  a perfect compliment to JetBlue daily flights to Orlando (MCO) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL), the playing field has changed.    Since the announcement,  JetBlue has announced an NYC shuttle.

Let us ask this if you wanted to Bradenton and your options were:

  1. Rectrix:  Worcester-Baltimore-Brandenton
  2. JetBlue:  Worcester-JFK-Bradenton

Personally we would choose JetBlue.  

Believe me we want to support Rectrix, who again have been a huge addition to ORH, but we are starting to worry about the success of this route.  The question may be if there enough demand to fly to Baltimore, where JetBlue does not fly, to make this a success.  

We will find out. 




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  1. Tim's Gravatar Tim
    May 4, 2017    

    Good article Bill, thou I had to google to find out that Sarasota and Brandenton are the same place. Why would your readers know that? lol. I’m excited about service from ORH to BWI and I couldn’t care less where the plane goes from BWI. I dont see it as a Worcester to another Florida flight. You can fly non-stop from Boston to Sarasota, for travelers going to that area I’d think the decision is whether to fly non-stop from the cluster that is Boston or fly two segments from Worcester. Having two options from Worcester would only increase the liklihood of choosing ORH over Boston or Providence.

    BWI is a major hub for Southwest and having a flight there opens up many more options than just Sarasota. Just as JFK is said to be a game changer for ORH, I’d argue so too is BWI. If Retrix is smart and capable, they will partner with Southwest to offer connecting flights out of BWI. Might be a hard sell for Retrix with just 30 seats per day but perhaps once they grow. I hope that Retrix succeeds and it will be interesting to see how many Worcester passengers continue on to Sarasota and how many new passengers start at BWI and fly to Sarasota. I wouldnt expect the majority of passengers starting at Worcester, whether via BWI or JFK, to be contininuing to Sarasota. Time will tell but if Retrix starts this service, then I know my family holiday will be Washington DC next year!

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