New Fort Lauderdale schedule makes no sense

As great as JetBlue has been, I really do not understand the new summer schedule.   Flights leave at 7:08 PM and arrive in Fort Lauderdale at 10:16PM?    This it nearly impossible to connect with another flight arriving that late until the next day.

Fort Lauderdale, a focus city for JetBlue, just added their 56th destination at Fort Lauderdale and we have a flight arriving at 10:16PM?   Needless to say our load on this FLL flight will suffer as evidenced by recent flights with only 35 or 40 people.

Again I only think this is temporary and everything will change when CAT III comes , but I still can not help but question this scheduling??



  1. Tim's Gravatar Tim
    May 12, 2017    

    This should make us very concerned about the future of JetBlue at Worcester. While I too, have applauded JetBlue service from Worcester and have used it for the extremely limited options available, this is just what American Eagle did to sabotage, and later justify, ceasing service from ORH to O’Hare. Despite American Eagle saying that Worcester to O’hare was a very successful route, they cut from two flights daily down to one and the one they left was a late night flight with no possibility of connecting without an overnight stay. Within weeks, they cancelled the service altogether.

    JetBlue is one of the fastest growing airlines in the US, but you’d never know that if you looked at Worcester. After four long years, they will FINALLY add one single flight, wow! That isn’t a committment, it’s a favor. One obviously owed to MassPort for getting everything they want at Logan. Now before even announcing a start date for the JFK service – useless at one flight per day – and they are sabotaging the FLL route. I’m sorry to predict, that they will then use the data that shows plummeting ridership as justification to cancel the route altogether. This is the games that they play when they are being forced into serving a city that they dont want to.

    Other cities that JetBlue has expanded into have seen phenomenal growth. Will things change for Worcester with the coming of CAT III ILS? I’d love to believe so, but I’m starting to smell the same old dirty politics that Delta played and American as well to get what they want at Logan and then turn around and break their promises to Worcester.

  2. Pat's Gravatar Pat
    June 7, 2017    

    Check out how many flights have arrived in Florida after midnight in recent weeks.

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