Elite Airways pulls out of Naples, bad plan from the beginning

After not having commercial service since 2007, Naples resumed with Elite in 2015 when offering to rent facilities for $1 per year to Elite and spending $50,000 in marketing monies.  

From the Naples Daily News:

In February, Elite had eight departures and seven arrivals in Naples, with a total of 312 passengers. Elite was sending passengers to and from New York and Portland, Maine, with connections in Melbourne, Florida.

Keeping in mind I believe Elite flies 50 seat jets so so that works out to be about a 40% load with an average of 21 people on these 15 flights.   No airline can fly with 40% loads.

Islip, Long Island and Portland Maine with connections in Melbourne just really do not seem like popular destinations.   You can lower the overhead ($1 per year) and throw some marketing money at an airline to attract an airline to your airport, but you need to have good destinations.  

A Worcester to the Gulf Coast flight, for example, would be full and the perfect compliment to JetBlue daily flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.   Feel bad for Elite and Naples, but this was destined for failure.   


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