Orlando Part 2

mickeyYesterday, I wrote about my concerns that the tickets to Orlando have slowed.   I received many comments on Facebook, some of which I found very enlightening.  Before I review them, JetBlue has revised the schedule effective May 1st switching the times of the Orlando and Fort Lauderdale outbound flightst:

ORH to FLL                          7:10 AM- 10:19AM  (currently afternoon)

MCO to ORH                      1:30PM –  4:21PM

ORH to MCO                      5:00PM-   7:54PM  (currently morning)

FLL to ORH                          7:45PM – 10:48PM          

Comments on Facebook

·         I was planning to fly out of ORH to ORL in August. I was so excited that I could because you are just 25 min from me. However your one flight is at like 5pm getting us to Orlando at 8pm. I don’t want to miss a whole day of vacation and I don’t want to fly a day earlier and add another hotel night. So instead I’m going to have to fly out of Hartford where they have early morning flights that allow us almost a full day in Orlando. For me it came down to timing unfortunately.

·         We are getting ready to book airfare for November. Our concern is the 530ish flight out. With a 3 & 5 year old that hits dinner and bedtime at 730pm then landing, getting luggage and getting to animal kingdom lodge with tired crackly kids is making us think to go out if Boston to get an earlier flight. Most kids travel best early in the day.

·         I also dislike the 5pm flight out of Worcester. I’d be happy to fly out of Worcester if there was a morning flight available.

For those people who said the tickets need to be more competitive. For the 1000th time, for high travel dates like Spring Break, we only have 100 seats per day and these tickets sell out fast and are long gone.  If you are thinking about flying out for Spring Break now, you are better off trying PRO, BOS or BDL.

You can’t say, however, Worcester is not competitive. Here are prices the next 7 days:. 

                                                 ORH                       BOS                        PRO       BDL (Hartford)


March 21                             218                         293                         254         270

March 22                             168                         282                         254         270

March 23                             168                         247                         226         200

March 24                             148                         140                         226         200

March  25                            168                         140                         226         200        

March  26                            168                         247                         226         200

March 27                             168                         182                         164         150

In closing I wonder if JetBlue would ever consider breaking up the daily Orlando flight between Orlando and Fort Myers for the summer; for example, 4 times per week to Orlando and 3 times per week to Fort Myers.  Imagine that would be more difficult to do then I think? 


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