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With the first month of service with JetBlue on the books, here are my assessments:

  • Estimating the loads are between 80-85%
  • Fort Lauderdale is doing better then Orlando
  • Four flight cancellations due to fog that were able land in Boston
  • There have been some mechanical problems with the Embraer 190 (100 seats)
  • Extra Space seats do not sell


If I were to grade the first month, I would give it an A-. Of course, I wish the planes were 100% full and JetBlue were bringing in their larger Airbus planes with 150 seats, which has lower prices and is more reliable, but I would say that this has been a very good first month. Going from three flights per week to daily flights is a huge difference, and to have the flights at these loads the very first month when there was no service at all? That is pretty good.

We can complain that the advertisements are as not pervasive as I would like, but the best way to attract passengers to ORH is word of mouth from people from satisfied customers. Overall, the input I have gotten and seen is that JetBlue out of Worcester has been awesome. Even people who were diverted (including my brother-in-law) were happy with the service. My only real complaint is that when outbound flights are diverted the day before their flight, Massport should provide transportation like JetBlue has done when service is diverted the same day of flight.

Finally, people I think (or hope), understand that popular dates like vacations, spring break, etc. are very limited when you only have a 100 tickets per day to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. If someone thinks they will get a good price right now for Spring Break, it is not going to happen. You are better off looking at other airports. If you want to get good prices for these dates, you need to book early!

What’s next?

The biggest surprise is that it seems Fort Lauderdale has been consistently selling better then Orlando. Fort Lauderdale brings you to not only Fort Lauderdale but Boca, Miami, and West Palm, but I saw Orlando being huge for families. We need to come up with better family packages, discounts on flights for 5 passengers or more, or how about a small play area in the waiting area to increase Orlando traffic?

Lastly, it drives me crazy every time I drive by the Goddard Memorial outside on Goddard Drive. Let’s get that inside the terminal and get it the attention that it deserves. Going forward, here are my predictions:

  • Loads increase
  • More Florida destinations from JetBlue
  • Allegiant Airlines taking a closer look to come back
  • Spirit will consider flights to Myrtle Beachjetblue_airport

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