First flight out of ORH on JetBlue

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First  flight our of ORH

First flight our of ORH


What better way to see how JetBlue is doing out of Worcester then for my wife, my daughter and I fly to Fort Lauderdale and visit her mother and brother in Boca Raton. In the words of Joe Friday: “Just the facts, ma’am”.

Saturday (November 9 Flight 2019 4:25 PM Worcester to Fort Lauderdale)

·  3:18 yesterday I left house for airport

·  3:35 parked car for $7/day. Plenty of spots.

·  3:40 checked in and through TSA

22 minutes from my house to be at gate waiting for plane. Plane left on time and arrived on time.

Tuesday (November 12 Flight 2020 7:32 PM Fort Lauderdale to Worcester)

·  10:29 walk off plane, pay $21 for parking and grabbed checked in bags

·  10:40 leaving parking lot

·  10:52 home in Holden

23 minutes from stepping off plane to being home. Plane left on time and arrived in time.

These are some great deals that just became available at JetBlue yesterday afternoon:

Ticket prices for Fort Lauderdale

·  Nov 20-24 fly for $91—Worcester to Fort Lauderdale

·  Nov 20, 22, 25 fly for $95—Fort Lauderdale to Worcester

Ticket prices for Orlando

·  Nov 24, 26, 27 fly for $111—Worcester to Orlando

· Nov 29 fly for $101—Worcester to Orlando

· Nov 26-27 fly for $95—Orlando to Worcester

My daughter said to me that she did not feel like she was flying. Evidently she has become use to leaving three hours early, driving through traffic, waiting in lines and being stressed out.

What is your excuse now not to fly out of Worcester?

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