Goddard monument should be moved to ORH

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goddardAnytime you give people directions to Worcester Regional Airport (ORH), Goddard Memorial Drive is mentioned 90 percent of the times. In fact, we even had a Goddard School for Science and Technology in Worcester. In fact, there are a chain of preschools called the Goddard School, which I am not sure are connected or not.

Who is this Goddard guy anyway? Well, he is the only the father of modern rocketry from Worcester. If you read his biography on Wikipedia, he was pretty amazing and may be one of the most important people to ever come from Worcester. He even has statue in Roswell, New Mexico for his work. Here is a short excerpt from NASA website:

Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard is considered the father of modern rocket propulsion. A physicist of great insight, Goddard also had a unique genius for invention. It is in memory of this brilliant scientist that NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., was established on May 1, 1959.

By 1926, Goddard had constructed and successfully tested the first rocket using liquid fuel. Indeed, the flight of Goddard’s rocket on March 16, 1926, at Auburn, Mass., was as significant to history as that of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk.

Primitive in their day as the achievement of the Wrights, Goddard’s rockets made little impression on government officials. Only through modest subsidies from the Smithsonian Institution and the Daniel Guggenheim Foundation, as well as the leaves of absence granted him by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute of Clark University, was Goddard able to sustain his lifetime of devoted research and testing.

In Worcester, the Goddard School for Science and Technology is the old South High School, where Robert Goddard graduated. There is also a great monument on the corner of Goddard and Apricot about one mile from the airport to honor his work.

I have gotten out of the car to check it out and it is really good. Problem is, there is no parking and the location is questionable at best. This monument needs to be inside Worcester Airport to get the views it deserves as passengers return to ORH, starting November 7th.

What is the Higgins Armory going to do with their collection? I know that most of it is going to the Worcester Arts Museum, but what about a small display of their collection at ORH along with all the other museums that are spread throughout Worcester.

This week I saw how five local museums have joined to offer discounts to people who have EBT cards (click here for video). Why don’t these museums put together displays at the airport to advertise themselves to people arriving at ORH, whether you have an EBT card or not?

We need to make ORH a destination. This would be a nice step towards accomplishing this.




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