Allegiant Airlines— Worcester to Punta?

allegiant air with pyramidThese guys are a great airline.  Are they in the JetBlue category?  No, but they would be a great addition if we could get them back.   They went back to Hagerstown after they left there, click here.

They have four Florida destinations:

  1. Sanford
  2. Fort Lauderdale
  3. St Pete
  4. Punta

No chance they will do the first two with JetBlue going to MCO and Fort Lauderdale.  St Pete??  I just do not see that happening.   Just recently Allegiant announced big expansion in Punta , click here for article.

Consider this 1) Direct Air did well there and 2) JetBlue has already created a buzz at ORH starting November for MCO and FLL.  It would make alot of sense for Allegiant to announce ORH-Punta.

 Looks like they are returning to Pease in New Hampshire, why not Worcester?



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