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GoLocalWorcester Story June 5

Last week, Delta Dental just opened their new terminal at JFK, T4.   Total cost for the new terminal was 1.4 billion!  Yes, that was a “B”, not an “M”.  The expanded concourse offers sweeping views of the airport, upscale food and shopping options.    Some of the dining options include Blue Smoke and La Brea Bakery, however, their biggest draw is New York’s famous Shake Shack.    In addition a new Delta Sky Club has been built, which is now the largest in their network.

 JetBlue’s terminal at JFK, T5, is also state of the art with free Wi-Fi, 24 food and beverage outlets with 27 retail stores.    Total cost of for T5 was 800 million in 2008 when it opened.    JetBlue even has a live concert series, called Live from T5.    Stars like Taylor Swift, YouTube Clip,  and  others including Phillip Phillips have played in T5.    T4 and T5 are not just places to fly in and out of but to shop, eat and be entertained.



Over the past six months, T1 (Worcester’s terminal) has had two events.  In December Children’s Smile Coalition ran Soarin with Soarin.   To get some idea of the crowds, watch this video that Airport Director Andy Davis made, click here.       Worcester Vegfest followed up in April with another huge crowd.     For an airport that is supposedly hundred of miles from anywhere and at a terminal nobody can find, how were these events packed with people ?

The answer is these two were great events!  People will find great events wherever they are, just like they are going to find JetBlue starting November 7th.   These two events did a lot to help market ORH. It brought a lot of people back to an airport.   The airport needs to continue events and start Live from T1.

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