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Last week I wrote about JetBlue loyalty program, TrueBlue.  The main way to earn points is that for each dollar you spend on –line for tickets, you earn 6 points.  If you book tickets over the phone, you only earn 3 points per dollar.   Avoid the $20 per person fee and double your points, book on-line!

 The other way is to utilize there American Express card and earn 1 point for each dollar that you spend.   Currently they have a great promotion on their Amex card where you can earn 20,000 points, if you charge 1,000 over the first three months. There are other ways, but to learn more go to the FAQ page.  

Most loyalty programs have an expiration date, which I discovered with my GM Card.  After earning thousands and thousands of points, I noticed each month the number dropping.  After making some phone calls, I found out the only way I could ever redeem these points was to buy a new GM Card.     Never bought a new GM Card and lost all my points.   Too bad they did not at least have an option like JetBlue, where I could have at donated my GM pointsto charity? 

JetBlue had a one year expiration, but the caveat was to use your JetBlue Amex once per year and your points never would expire until this e-mail that I received Monday:


TrueBlue points are our way of thanking you for your loyalty. But members have expressed concern that accounts must stay active for points to never expire. So, we did something about it.

We heard your feedback, and we agree: Your loyalty doesn’t have an expiration date, and your points shouldn’t either. That’s why we’ve dropped the fine print. Starting today, you can hold on to your TrueBlue points until you’re ready to redeem them.

No activity requirements. No asterisks. No expiration dates. Just points, glorious points.


Dave Canty
Director of Loyalty & Partnerships
Follow me @tremdave


Sign up for TrueBlue today and follow Dave Canty on Twitter for additional promotions.    From my JetBlue app on my IPhone,  16,561 TrueBlue points on my account.  JetBlue, how about a physical TrueBlue card for young adults like my daughter and apps on line where she can earn points?


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