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First of all thanks to Walter Bird at WoMag, bery good article on Worcester Airport.  

There was one thing in the article that I said that Andy Davis, who is doing a great job, disagreed with.  If JetBlue does not have success at ORH, commercial aviation is doomed here.    Seriously when you look at what MassPort has done for JetBlue, the carrier (JetBlue) and the flights (Florida), what airline in their right mind come to ORH, if they fail?

Don’t get me wrong I am 95% sure that JetBlue will be a success, but we can not sit back and just think it is going to happen.  We need to buy tickets!   Even if Fort Lauderdale or Orlando is not the perfect destination for you, fly there knowing that the flights that you do want will be next if JetBlue flourishes.

Fist JetBlue Plane at ORH

Fist JetBlue Plane at ORH

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