Why would JetBlue go to ORH?

seeking alphaGoLocal referred to a leading investment publication, (Seeking Alpha), whom I have never heard of, questioning JetBlue’s decision to come to Worcester.    Here is the quote:

JetBlue’s recently announced Worcester (MA) to Ft.auderdale and Orlando should be cause for concern in the eyes of investors.”

As a Worcester resident, I am very happy to have JetBlue here in Worcester for my own personal travel needs.     Now look at this as a stock-holder.  First I feel secondary markets, like ORH, should not be left to the Allegiants of the world to travel direct to leisure destinations.   JetBlue can charge more from these locations, since they have no competition and people will pay more for their mere convenience.

Now we can go on and talk about how MassPort threw all sorts of incentives at them and most likely twisted their arms slightly to come to ORH.  I do not doubt that may have happened.  Lets put that to the side for now.  Secondly, most importantly, is the brand loyalty that they will develop. 

Let me explain.   Asssume JetBlue does well in Worcester and people in this catchment area fly to Florida out of Worcester taking advantage of their True Blue ppints and JetBlue AmEx card.   What do you think will happen when a True Blue member in this area needs to fly to California, do you really think they will fly one of the other legacy carriers?  NFW!!! 

They have created an incredible brand loyalty by serving this underserved market, which will benefit them more then can be measured with their ORH flights.   As a stockholder, I would urge JetBlue to look at other secondary markets (look at Allegiant route map) and consider adding Fort Lauderdale/Orlando flights, when JetBlue suceeds at ORH.  

Now if they would only work on some apps for kids so my daughter can earn some True Blue points.   Again the brand loyalty that they would create with my daugter are immeasurable. 


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