Why FlyORH supports slots in Worcester

If we did not have the Mass Lottery selling:

  • 15  dollar scratch tickets
  • 36 two dollar scratch tickets
  • 28 five dollar tickets
  • 13 ten dolar tickets
  • 8 20 dolar tickets
  • Keno
  • Keno to go
  • Mas Cash
  • MegarBucks
  • MegaBucks Doubler
  • Lucky for Life
  • Powerball
  • Lucky for Life

In addition:

  • Bingo in local churches
  • Twin Rivers
  • FoxWoods
  • Mohegan Sun
  • Super Bowl Pools
  • Las Vegas Atlantic City
  • on line gambling
  • New casinos in Massachusetts

If none of this existed then the arguements against slots in Worcester would make sense.  If only the City Council asked the same questions when there is a proposal to spend 30$ for 48 “affrodable” rental units that has no parking? 

Let me ask this what is Plan B for this parcel?

Most importantly we are trying to make ourselves into an Inter-modal transportation hub (train station, bus station an airport), not to mention our central location/easyhighway access.    Would one not think having slots as an option makes Worcester more of a destination?  

Two hundred million dollars invested in Worcester is a good thing and I support it.   Sorry.


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