True Blue for kids apps?

Talked to my daughter last night how she has a True Blue Account and of course she asked 1,000 questions.   Explained the only way she could only earn points was when she flies.  To which she asked what she can use her points for?

  1. I will most likely transfer the points to her mom or me and we would cash them inwhen we buy tickets
  2. I hear on a Twitter Meeting from Dave Canty that she may be able to use her card to buy drinks, etc on flights or tip JetBlue employees with points….  Have not heard that any where else.

Then explained how we could earn additional points by doing other things like using the JetBlue AmEx card.  While sitting on her IPAD running her fictitious on-line store, some new app she found, she said too bad JetBlue did not have an app for kids to earn points?

True Blue


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