True Blue bonus points for ORH?

My idea to offer FREE PARKING is not going to happen.   That said the rates are still pretty dam good at $7 per day and $42 for the week.   Got another idea to attract people to ORH.   I have seen in the Telegram the following:

“JetBlue’s commitment came after Massport and the city made several promises to the airline. Massport agreed to waive landing fees and share marketing expenses, incentives that total $425,000.”

Why coudn’t use some of this money or monies from somewhere else to start a Fly Worcester campaign?   You know how if you buy nine juice drinks from the place on Chandler Street (Nu Cafe),  you get your tenth drink free?  What if you fly in or out of ORH six times (3 round trip flights), you get True Blue points credited to your account? 

Whatever the flight and points are that can be determined, but I can not think of a better way to market ORH then to reward people who fly out of Worcester!

Charge 1K over 3mo earn 20K points

Charge 1K over 3mo earn 20K points

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