Thank you

At the airport, there were alot of people who thanked me.  To name a few Mike O’Brien, Beth Proko and Dennis O’Connor.   To everyone thanks back, especially want to thank JetBlue for giving us a chance!

But here is my favorite e-mail, can’t say name until he says o’kay but here goes:

Hello Bill,


 Congratulations! Your efforts certainly paid off and the City of Worcester certainly benefited from those efforts.

 You should be delighted with today’s announcement to have JetBlue based at Worcester Airport. Its a wonderful airline and Worcester, as well as, Central Massachusetts now has an airline we will all have faith in, to promote air travel.

 We have already booked 10 tickets for November 9th to Orlando!

 Again, congratulations, you were one of the first cheerleaders and instrumental in getting the attention of JetBlue executives to take a look at Worcester and it was successful.

 See you soon.

jetblue first landing ORH


Thanks to Mark Langevin first catching JetBue first landing at ORH!

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