Slots in Worcester– you bet!!

Looking at the ticket sales from JetBlue, the one thing I noticed (thanks Nick) is that the first couple of weeks of sales from Orlando and Fort Lauderdale to Worcester are a little slow.  After that they seem to pick up since the people who are flying out of Worcester need to come back?

Think there are two reasons for this.   First, the news JetBlue is flying into Worcester was not as big in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando as it was in Worcester.  Second, Worcester is not exactly a tourist destination for someone living in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. 

We live in Worcester and know all the merits, but imagine trying to market Worcester to someone in South Florida.  Don’t you think having slots would help??   Throw the slots in with the Hanover Theatre, fall foliage, etc , etc, along with JetBlue service and now you have something to sell!!! 

As I mentioned before, if we did not have 100 forms of legalized gambling then the arguements against slots would make sense or if we had a plan B, then I would consider not supporting the slots proposal.  Until I see Plan B for this parcel or someone convinces me are tax base does not need this injection, I support the 200 million dollar investment in this parcel which has been vacant at least 10 years. 


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