Jon Rice donates poster prizes to Sherry’s House

Today I notifed Jon that he had the poster contest and the following prizesNEW-jetblue-goddard

  1. $250 cash from Advantage Benefits
  2. $250 cash from Massachusetts Dental Insurance
  3. a tour of ORH with Airport Director Andy Davis
  4. a flight around the city of Worcester with George Charles Allen of the Worcester Regional Flight Academy

He has sent me an e-mail, then he wants to “pay it forward” and donate all prizes to Sherry’s House, which ironically is no more then one mile from ORH.    Looks like they have an auction next month for the tour and flight.   Little bit about Sherry’s House:


The warmth and camaraderie of Sherry’s House stand in sharp contrast to the isolation of a hotel room during the many weeks and months of treatment.  In the lively atmosphere of Sherry’s House, it can be hard to remember the challenges these children and families face.  Sherry’s House gives children a place to be kids for a while instead of patients.  At the end of a treatment day, they can leave behind the IV drips, the needles, the nurses and doctors, and the pain and return to Sherry’s House to the comforting presence of their family and of caring staff and volunteers

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