Worcester Airport Salaries

Boston Herald has a story today ripping the salaries at MassPort with specical attention to ORH, click here.      Don’t get me wrong nobody believes that there is alot of waste in government more then me, but I honestly don’t think it is fair to target the administration at Worcester Airport as being over-paid.  At least not just yet. 

ORH is just a startup right now.   July 1st, 2010 was when MassPort officially took ownership or ORH.  Not even three years, but I think the airport has completely turned around and is on the right track:

  • right airport director
  • Cat III landing being put out to bid
  • new FBO-Rectrix
  • many other airport improvements
  • discussions with airlines like JetBlue

As far as the $4 million dollar loss?  Well that’s why we , the City of Worcester, sold the airport, since we never could have afforded to carry this.  I believe MassPort sees this as a long-term investment, $4 million dollar loss is a good long term investment and great things are coming to ORH.  

Stay tuned for great news from ORH!! 

Bottom line big salaries at an empty airport is a great headline, but lets see what the headlines are July 1st, 2015- 5 years under ownership by MassPort.

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