Sky Bus latest casualty of Direct Air

Direct Air update from Myrtle Beach online’s Dawn Bryant.   Long and the short of it was, as we know, Direct Air was no an airline but operated under the DOT’s public charter rules, utilizing the planes of eight other carriers. 

Sky King continued to operate flights without requiring full payment of the total charter price from Direct Air, a clear DOT violation.  They have been fined $500,000!  

DOT has already fined three other carriers:

  1. Vision Airlines -50,000
  2. Xtra Airways –  300,000
  3. World Atlantic  –  180,000

DOT estimated the fines would have ben $9.6 million, but pretty tough to get that from a company that has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation with some $30 million missing from escrow accounts.  

Has anyone seen Judy Tull??   judy tull

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